2003081600 - And now there's a JavaScript demo page, since we felt like there wasn't enough useless stuff on this site yet.

2003081100 - We've updated the contact options, since some people couldn't seem to figure it out.

2003080400 - Wow, it's been a while with no updates, hasn't it? In any case, new user information is available online. We also have some mildly spiffy network testing tools online, but you can't have them.

There's also a token page to demonstrate how poorly frames compare to tables.

2000083100 - Apparently somebody has linked to MSLinux.org since we've been getting several emails recently inquiring if M$ has sued us yet. To answer that, no, they haven't. Luckily for us, parody is still protected under the First Amendment.

On another note, the site stats have finally been redone, and are functional once again.

2000060400 - Still doing work, and some of it's been noticed, as people are back to emailing us asking for things.

2000060300 - Well, we're revamping the website. If you like the look, tell us. If you hate it, tell us that too, but don't expect us to be real happy about it.